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Escape to Koh Samui

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Vacation in absolute style and luxury in Taling Ngam Bay, Samui. Stay in secluded pool villas, indulge in coconut infused spa treatments, sip cocktails in one of the best sunset spots on the island, float in infinity pools above the coconut trees and discover the best family-friendly activities.

The Best Luxurious Things to See, Do, Eat & Explore in Samui

InterContinental Koh Samui | Fashion Destination

The InterContinental Koh Samui Resort was the ideal choice for The Mercedes Benz L'Officiel Fashion Destination 2019 where fashion and a private over-water runway met a luxury 5-star …

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Sunset in Samui | Taling Ngam Bay

Sunset seekers. Here's your next sunset spot: Taling Ngam Bay Koh Samui. Visit this bucket-list-sun-descending destination on your next visit to Thailand where the sun set is different every day. …

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Experience a luxe retreat in Samui | InterContinental

Experience all things luxury on your next visit to Koh Samui from dining, to spas and sightseeing -- do it in style. Match this incredible coastline with some exclusive and private moments during your …

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InterContinental Samui | where to stay

Looking for a beach destination in Thailand for 2019 that's luxurious, secluded, family-friendly and romantic all in one? Check out the Intercontinental Samui Baan Taling Ngam Resort. It's one of the …

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Five Star Accommodation in a secluded bay of Samui

Stunning sunsets, luxurious accommodation, breathtaking ocean vistas — every day in Samui

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